ID Production Studios has recently been working with 4th Seed Productions on two animation sequences for their upcoming documentary "Where Are They Walking". This documentary is about the late 1990 Rwandan Genocide where an estimated one million Tutsis were killed during the traumatic ethnic cleansing. After the United Nations infiltrated and secured Rwanda, many of the warlords were pushed into the north-eastern area of the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). In the upcoming documentary you will hear the stories of the woman who survived this tragedy and how it has impacted both Rwanda and Congo. 

Despite this tragedy there are people giving large amounts of time and resources to help the Congo and Rwandan people. Tim Holcomb, Brady Holcomb, Cole Thrift, and Christopher Cordasco have organized a website ( where you can go and read the full story.  A short preview trailer of their upcoming documentary is posted below. They have dedicated much of their time and resources into the making of this documentary and hope it will change hearts and minds. Ultimately those changed hearts and minds will help support their mission! ID Production Studios is honored to work beside them!

Brady shows the kids a picture of them he took. None of these children have ever seen a computer or camera before.

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