ID Production Studios has partnered up with Muscle Mind Fitness, a youtube channel dedicated to helping young college students get into shape for the school year. The channel promotes both individual health and confidence to help students reach their goals. 

The partnership with Muscle Mind Fitness is being lead by Cyrus Tidwell who is a certified personal trainer and conditioner. He is currently a junior at the College of William and Mary and attends the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Mr. Tidwell's goal is for everyone no matter what shape, size or gender get up, out, and moving in the gym to better improve themselves and others. Individual health is vital to functioning at 100% in today's rigorous workplace.  

IDPS is thrilled to have MMF as an official partner as we continue to produce content that helps students become energized to exercise. 

Below is a video link to the first video produced by the new partnership. Like, subscribe, and tell us what you think in the comment section below!