"When the most valuable of bonds are tested, all it takes are the smallest things to remind you why it's all worth it..." - Director Hassaan Abdus Saboor

From first time director Hassaan Abdus Saboor comes a short film centered around the relationship of two life long friends that lose their way. This short film is unique in many ways. Early on the director wanted to form an all-female cast in the pursuit of empowering young ladies in the cinematic world. The short film also features no dialogue! It is completely silent with all focus pointed to both visuals and sound. Something most first-time directors wouldn't even consider.

The short film "Untied" was completely shot in Williamsnburg, James City Country, and Yorktown with much of the shots coming from the locally well known Yorktown River State Park. Short Film Initiative (Director Hassaan Abdus Saboor's upcoming production company) and ID Production Studios (Isaac F. Davis' (President) Upcoming Production, Media, and Distribution Company) worked in close proximity with one another to deliver the best-produced film both companies have created to date. 

Director of Photography Michael Lemley (President of World Productions) lent his impeccable expertise to make every frame sleek and smooth throughout the film. Additional shots were also filmed by IDPS President Isaac F. Davis. Both of which had no access to professional grade production rigs, dollies, or gimble stabilizers. 

For more information about the films specific release date and location please visit the ID Production Studios Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages in the future. All these platforms can be subscribed to on the IDPS home page.