Today is a difficult day for those who have been apart of the IDPS family both in the past and present. IDPS Mourns the loss of John Van Bergen who was a very close friend of IDPS founder and president Isaac F. Davis. There are many memories of productions that go way back to when both were classmates in fifth grade. 

The news of his passing is very difficult for many. It's extremely difficult for the Van Bergen family and our president of the company. IDPS will dedicate a film in his honor sometime in the near future to commemorate his life and the people he affected. 

Below is a screenshot taken in 2014 during production of the Monuments, Memorials, and Museums project IDPS was apart of.  There is also an official statement from the IDPS President below. 

"Today IDPS mourns the loss of an individual who influenced the creative vision of the company in its first years of development. Today we honor John Van Bergen in the humblest way we know how. IDPS will dedicate a film in his honor sometime in the near future. Please keep his family in your thoughts as we come together and commemorate his life. John, you will forever be in our thoughts. Rest in peace old friend."

- Isaac F. Davis
Founder & President of ID Production Studios LLC

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