Identity Production Studios LLC (IDPS) and The Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Organization at William & Mary (MPASO) have decided to release the official short film poster for “Solo Orange” to the public. “Solo Orange” has been in development/production for about six months with principal photography starting back in November of 2018.

Many businesses around the Williamsburg area including Dog Street Pub, Blue Talon, Printwell Inc., The Cheese Shop, The Fat Canary, Blessed Driving School, and many others have offered their time and resources to ensure IDPS, MPASO, and its affiliates were given the resources needed to make Solo Orange a true cinematic experience.

In addition to local businesses, The College of William & Mary’s Health and Wellness Center has given tremendous support to the production. In fact, the Wellness Center is co-sponsoring the film when its set to be released in local theaters sometime in the near future. Even families including the Michalowski and Hunt families of Williamsburg along with so many others have given their time and resources to “Solo Orange”

Isaac F. Davis the Director of “Solo Orange” stated early on, "Solo Orange is the most complex and emotionally vexing film the company has ever produced. It is both an honor and pleasure to produce this content in the heart of Williamsburg, VA. A place I've called home for a very long time. It's also exciting to involve many students from The College of William & Mary."

A current Junior himself Isaac with a cast and crew of 19 William & Mary students pulled their strength and knowledge together to make “Solo Orange” become a reality. In addition to 19 students, 6 additional people closely affiliated with the production company stepped in to assist the crew. This put the total cast and crew count to 25 people. By far the biggest production crew Isaac has ever helmed under his direction.

“Solo Orange” is inspired by the life of John Van Bergen who passed away on January 5, 2018. The film's purpose is to center its message around the effects of anxiety and depression. Isaac (Director) stated, “Solo Orange isn’t your typical straightforward short film about someone being depressed. It’s an experience, an inner reflection on the human condition and the people we interact with through life. “Solo Orange” is a re-creation of a memory that is inspired by the life John lived. That is what the audience should be prepared for. As of now, nothing of this scale has ever been attempted by currently enrolled undergraduate William & Mary Students. “Solo Orange” is not only reproducing a memory, it’s also making history in the heart of Williamsburg.”

Lastly, “Solo Orange” features a mixture of first time and seasoned veteran actors. Gunnar Frerotte a current Junior at the college caught the eye of the director and producers at IDPS. Gunnar, is the main character in Solo Orange who’s featured in the above poster. Next comes Karissa McDonald who is the youngest of the bunch. She is a current freshman at the college. She also caught the eye of the director and producers at the studio when audition tapes were sent in for review.

Lastly, we have two veteran actors who’ve given their talent once again to IDPS. Francis Edemobi is back with another acting debut in “Solo Orange”. This will be Frank’s third appearance in an IDPS film directed by Isaac F. Davis. As Isaac puts it, “It's his best performance on film yet.”

Finally, the film features the presence of Xavier Soto Burgos a well known theatrical actor among the William and Mary student community. His talent on stage is brought to the big screen in a big way.

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