"Solo Orange" is a story about a young college student who struggles to find his place among the norms of society. The film is inspired by real events. "Solo Orange" pays tribute to those individuals who are navigating life while suffering from depression and anxiety. We hope this film speaks to a wide audience about the issue at hand, the signs associated with specific behavior, and the appreciation we should all have for one another no matter our various identities and lifestyles. 

The short film will be the second installment of a four-part series IDPS is producing. The goal of each installment it to create content that speaks to real life situations and solutions. The series also tests the full filmmaking capabilities of the IDPS creative team. We realize this is a must in order to move forward and reach our goal of becoming one of the worlds major production studios. 

Directed by IDPS founder and president Isaac F. Davis "Solo Orange" will be, "The most complex and emotionally vexing film the company has ever produced. It is both an honor and pleasure to produce this content in the heart of Williamsburg, VA. A place I've called home for a very long time. It's also exciting to involve many students from The College of William & Mary." 

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