We are so elated you decided to check us out! While you are exploring this webpage, we hope you'll be convinced to join us in our mission to create a film that is truly remarkable. Throughout the webpage you will find all of the goals, objectives, and solutions we have set forth for the film. Once again thank you for taking a look at our project and spending time on the IDPS website! 


More Basic Info About IDPS!

Did you know IDPS has multiple departments! IDPS's department of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is our division that solely focuses on high-end film production. The ultimate goal of Identity Production Studios is to become a major competitor in the world of motion picture arts and advanced technologies. "Never Cease to Imagine" is the mindset we apply to every single aspect of the company. Not being limited to what is now, but what can be. With this mindset we hope to help all types of people transform their vision onto the big screen or out in the field. We live in a day and age where media is the great communicator throughout the world. No individual should be stumped by the technical complications in which media can produce. That is why IDPS is here; to help individuals fully communicate their story. 

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