Gateway Class: $500 Sponsorship 

-Company/Organization's name, logo, and description on the IDPS partner website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.)

-Company/Organization will receive a full digital copy of the film, one film poster signed by the directors, producers, cast and visual credit at the end of the film.



Ultima Class: $1000 Sponsorship

-Company/Organization will receive all advertising and marketing items listed above.

-Company/Organization will be advertised (verbally & visually) within both the casting call and casting release videos. These videos will have a combined viewing audience of 2,000+ throughout the Williamsburg, James City County, and Toano area.  (This is in addition to the social media audience.)



Iacon Class: $2000 Sponsorship & Above

This is Identity Production Studios' ultimate sponsorship package. 

-Company/Organization will receive all advertising and marketing items listed above.

-Company/Organization's logo will appear on all film trailers prior to the films release. 

-Company/Organization's logo will appear in the official film.

-Company/Organization will receive recognition and thanks in all advertising and promotional items prior to the films release (Local News Paper, Professional Film Sites, Public Posters, and Official News Venues.)   

-Included will be a full interview with the company/organizations administration personnel in the BTS (Behind the Scenes) reel of the film. 

-Lastly, Company/Organizations logo, name, and description will be engraved and displayed on the Identity Production Studios Iacon Wall of Records when IDPS becomes the major films studio it strives to be. There is a saying, "Give credit to whom credit is due." IDPS never forgets those who where there supporting us from the very beginning!